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Respite Care

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Respite Care

Respite care can help you find time for your own doctor’s appointments and regular physical exams. or, it can let you go shopping, have lunch with a friend attend your child’s school event, go to church, exercise, attend a support group meeting, or just get away.

Our Respite Care home program can also provide care for your loved one while you go on a vacation, or attend an out-of-town event such as a wedding or a reunion.

LeopardGM can provide respite care daily, weekly, or as needed. Respite care can be arranged for just a few hours, overnight, or complete 24-hour home care.

LeopardGM’s Respite Program can give you time to relax, pursue activities that give you joy, and rediscover yourself. Respite care can help you maintain your sense of being. And, while it can not change your loved one’s situation, it can significantly affect your ability to deal with the situation.